Before you begin

Here are some tips to help you fill in the form. This page will be updated with more information soon.

We have a very simple form that you can fill in from the comfort of your home but please ensure the following:

  1. Please start it a time convenient for you. You will roughly need around 15 to 20 minutes to fill in this form. There is no save and continue later option.
  2. Please ensure you have all the details such as: Your children details (If you have any) Your grandchildren details (If you have any)
  3. We will need your executors and guardians (If appointing) therefore please ensure you have them handy.
  4. Please have your payment details ready, as once you fill in the form you will be redirected to the Payment page (Please wait patiently)
  5. Although it says Pay with PayPal, you can securely select Pay with debit card on the payment page so do not worry if you don’t have PayPal.

What if I don’t have any details?

In the unlikely event of you not having any of the details such as your executors / guardians address, please put in “I will provide later” and carry on to the next step. Ensure you have made a payment. You can email us your missing details to We may also call you to collect these information.

Interesting Info

The law says you pay 40% of any assets worth over £325,000 that you leave, so those with valuable houses or larger estates could pay a fortune. Please check out our Frequently Asked Questions section or contact us to discuss further.


Email us:

*If your estate includes complex trusts or you are a High Net Worth individual, we would advise you to seek specialist tax advice from an accountant or financial adviser before making your will.